Sunday, 7 August 2016

Junior Hub 2s Mass for week 3 term 3

Mihi: William, Freya
Offertory: Aaliyah, Shakyla, Paige
Candle: Charlotte H
Cloak: Satua
Welcome: Alexie
Welcome to Junior Hub 2's Mass for term 3. We have being learning about the Olympics and being a true team. We can use Jesus as our role model and ask ourselves the question 'What would Jesus do?' We are all here to spread the good news and treat each other how we would like to be treated. What have you done this week to help someone else? Please stand and join us in singing the opening song.

First Reading: Chloe
This is a reading from the prophet Jeremiah. Some people who worked for King Zedekiah said to him,
“Jeremiah is telling our people new things about God. Our Soldiers don’t want to fight anymore because of what he says. The people listen to him, and then they are confused. He is not trying to help our people: he is trying to hurt them! Let us kill him.”
“The King said, “Do whatever you want with him.”

So they took Jeremiah out to the courtyard, tied him with ropes, and lowered him into a deep sewer. There wasn’t any water in the sewer, just mud, and Jeremiah sank down into it. Later, someone else who worked for the king went to him and said, “King Zedekiah, it was wrong of those men to throw the prophet Jeremiah into the sewer. He will die of hunger in there.”
O the King said,
“Take three people from here to help you. Go and pull Jeremiah out of the sewer before he dies.”
This is the word of God

Gospel Presentation: 

We are learning to work together as a team to overcome challenges. Just like Jesus worked with his disciples. 
We have been discussing what it means to be a team player and what team work really means.

We can show teamwork when we are
-being positive and encouraging others
-Using kind words
-Taking turns and sharing the jobs
-Problem solving
We said: Everyone needs to take part so you don't let yourself and your team down.
Many hands make light work
When you work together you get things done. 
Please join us in singing 'We are all in this together' 

Prayers of the faithful

Ella: We pray for the Church throughout the world: that she may be a living example of the mercy of God, welcoming those in need, comforting the sick, sheltering the homeless and reaching out with love. Lord in your mercy…Hear our prayer

Ngaire: We Pray for the refugees who have been forced to flee their homes: that they find a place of welcome and safety. Lord in our Mercy… Hear our prayer
Jack: We pray for peace in our world: that all people may able to live in peace and safety, free from fear. Lord in your mercy…Hear our prayer
Milly: We pray for our parish, our friends and our family: that we may show mercy to one another and do all that we can to follow Jesus. Lord in our mercy… Hear our prayer

Eli, Farewell: Thank you for joining Junior Hub 2 at mass this morning. We pray that you take today's message of working as a team to achieve more and help one another out into our community. Enjoy your day. God Bless and please leave quietly.

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