Sunday, 17 July 2016

Welcome back to Term 3!

Kia ora and welcome back,
We warmly welcome Olly, Milly, Charlotte and Miss Anna Mulholland to JH2
We hope you had a restful holiday break and are keeping warm on these chilly winter days.
Religious Education we will start looking at the Sacrament Strand- until week 6 and then the God Strand.
Main concepts for the Sacrament Strand:
Main concepts decided as a staff- What we would like our children to gain through the Sacrament Strand teaching.
1. Grace is God's love and strength working with us and the world. Ko e Kalāsia ko e ‘ofa ia ‘a e ‘Otua mo ‘ene ivi ngaue ‘ia kitautolu pea mo mamani.
2. Sacraments bring grace. Ko e ngaahi Sakalameta ‘oku ne foaki ai ‘ene kalāsia
3. Know the seven sacraments.Ke ‘ilo’i e ngaahi Sakalameta ‘e fitu.
4. Know the signs and symbols of the sacraments Ke ‘ilo’i e ngaahi faka’ilonga mo e fakatatā ‘o e ngaahi Sakalameta.
Ang Hibla ng Sakramento
1.   Ang grasya ay pagmamahal at lakas ng Diyos sa atin.
2.   Ang mga sakramento ay nagdadala ng grasya.
3.   Alamin ang  pitong  sakramento.
4.   Alamin ang senyas at simbolo ng mga sakramento.          

Parent Help: Huge thank you to our parents who have been supporting our learning in the classroom. If you would like to be involved please let your teacher know.
P.E- Focus for the term- Cross-country (Wednesday 10th of August) and co-operative games
P.E day: Tuesday for both year 2 and 3. Children need P.E. gear for all of these activities. Children can come to school and stay in their P.E gear on their P.E day. If you have a winter sports practise at lunchtime please DO NOT wear PE gear that day but just bring spare gym. Shoes/trackpants/shoes Please ensure it is CLEARLY NAMED.
It is winter uniform time and we are still focusing on keeping the uniforms neat and tidy at all times, especially coming to and from school. Please ensure uniforms are worn with pride and CLEARLY NAMED
Library Please remind children to return their books weekly and enjoy sharing them together at home
Year 2 Friday, Year 3 Thursday
Class Mass dates: Thursday at 9.10am
Year 2/3 (Mrs Burke/Miss Mulholland) - week 2
Year 3 (Miss Day)- Week 3

Thank you.
God Bless
Megan Day,Siobhan Burke and Anna Mulholland
Junior hub 2 learning team

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