Thursday, 28 July 2016

TEAMWORK Challenges

There is no I in TEAM!
We are learning to work together as a team to overcome challenges. 
Today we worked in our learning groups problem solving to build the tallest tower, strongest tower.
We discussed being team players (linking to the Olympics) and what team work means. We worked in our learning groups to fit everyone through a hula hoop without unlocking our hands and building the strongest towers out of one piece of newspaper and seven strips of cellotape.
How we show teamwork
-being positive and encouraging others
-Using kind words
-Taking turns and sharing the jobs
-Problem solving
We said: Everyone needs to take part so you don't let yourself and your team down.
Many hands make light work
When you work together you get things done

Nico and his friendship bracelet. 
We are also learning how to be a friend: F-Find something in common, R-Respect other students, I- invite and include kids to participate E-Empathy show you care N kNow when to support each other D do the right thing (even if no ones looking) S say you're sorry everyone makes mistakes

Charlotte enjoying her first week at St Joseph's

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