Monday, 27 June 2016

Making Tissue paper flowers for Mrs Jackson

Tissue Paper Flowers

This week we made tissue paper flowers as a leaving gift for Mrs Jackson- because she is always encouraging us to grow in our relationships and learning.

All you need is some coloured tissue paper and a bunch of green pipe cleaners. 

1. Cut your tissue paper into 10 inch squares. For this flower, I used 2 squares pale green and 4 squares spring green. (If you want smaller flowers just cut smaller squares.)

2. Stack tissue paper squares and fold accordion-style. I did a 1½ inch fold on this one.

3. Wrap a pipe cleaner around the center of the folded paper and twist to secure. Just make sure your top/interior petal colors are facing up!

4. Cut edges as desired. For the green flower, I did rounded edges and then made 1 inch slits toward the center. 

5. Unfold one side of the flower...

...and carefully separate the layers of paper. 

6. Repeat on the other side and fluff the petals to fill in any empty spots.

To make a chrysanthemum, follow the instructions above.

To make a dahlia, use 4 squares of hot pink tissue and 2 squares of pink. Make 1½ inch folds and cut the ends to a point.

To make a peony, use 2 squares each of pink and pale pink, and 4 squares of white. Make 2 inch folds and cut rounded ends.

To make a rose, use 2 squares pale peach and 4 squares peach . Make 1½ inch folds and cut rounded ends.

To make a daisy, use 6 squares of white tissue and 2 squares of yellow. Make 1½ inch folds and cut the ends to a point.

For the poppy, use 4 squares deep yellow and 2 squares pale yellow. Make 3 inch folds and cut rounded ends. 

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