Monday, 20 June 2016

JH2 Pastoral care- Parish Freezer.

Hi lovely families in our wonderful school community,

As you may be aware some of our school families experience times of need, like the death of a close family member, severe illness/ injury or hardship. In response to this, the Home and School in 2008 started a new initiative in line with the St Joseph's Strategic Plan, whereby all classrooms will have one month of the school year to contribute to the Parish Welfare Freezer.

Junior Hub 2: We would be very grateful if the families could kindly donate either non-perishable food items or cooked food items before the end of term. The items can be tinned foods, boxed cereals, baking or a main meal e.g. soup, lasagna, casserole, muffins or biscuits. If you are in a position to contribute, thank you and please speak to Adele Whiston. Also please list the ingredients involved to alert those with any food allergies.

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