Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Year 2/3 Prayer tables

Riley with the prayer bag at home
In Mrs Burkes RE lessons we are learning about the Holy Spirit. As part of the Holy Spirit strand we are talking about ways we show that we believe in God. The children have been asked to set up a small prayer table at home.
Some of the things they could use:
-a little table, or space on a table or dresser.
-Some flowers, leaves, shells
-a cloth or scarf
-a candle
-a bible
-a family photograph
-Other things we have that show our family believes in God.

We also send the class prayer bag home each day with many of these special Holy items and a scrapbook to record prayer in.

Emily's prayer table- her mum helped her make a cross out of paper

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  1. Thank you for sharing your prayer bag with us Nico, it was really great listening to you talk about all the special items on your table :)

    From Rebecca Cartlidge