Tuesday, 17 May 2016


Our Hub has signed up to a really cool website called 'Go Noodle!" It has fun videos that gets us to exercise, get our brains thinking, relaxing techniques, stretching and so much more. Children have been asking for the website to use at home.
Here is the free link to sign up to at home!!
sign up here

This year our class is using (and loving!) GoNoodle — a fun and free website that helps get the
wiggles out.
GoNoodle.com has hundreds of movement games and videos that get kids dancing, running,
jumping, stretching, deep breathing, and more. After the kids take a quick activity break with
GoNoodle, they’re able to really focus on learning.
If you’re looking for ways to channel your child’s energy, try GoNoodle at home!
You can use GoNoodle at home to...
• energize your kids before school
• stop the squirmies to help them focus
• keep kids actively and safely engaged as you prepare dinner
• calm down before bedtime
• exercise your whole family… together!

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