Monday, 11 April 2016

Making a Change in the world

Today we talked about things we would like to change in the world, we came up with some thoughtful ideas like....
-No rubbish
-Stop animals getting hurt
-No war
-People not going hungry
-Enough clean water for everyone

We looked at sad pictures of Whales, Dolphins and seals that have died because they have eaten all the rubbish in their homes. We then listened to a famous song that made us realise that we can make a difference by ourselves.
Some of our writing today....
"If I could help the world I would tell people to stop fighting and put their guns down because there is a lot of war. I would do this by telling people to be kind and put their guns down. I do not like war it makes me cry! If that doesn't work I will tell the police. I hate war and it would be good if it stopped." Lachie

I would pick up all my rubbish and put it in the bin. To not change the flag because they are just wasting money. To not kill animals who are innocent."

If I could help the world I would give my money away that I do not need. I would also help with giving them my food and water.

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