Thursday, 7 April 2016

Drop and Drive

This week we wrote stories about the Drop and Drive. We discussed the safety rules around the Drop and Drive and why we should follow them. You may be there waiting for your children to be picked up safely but in doing that you are putting other peoples children in danger as it causes double parking and yellow line parking. The Police do monitor this and some councils are even looking at giving fines of $150 dollars to people who do not follow school road safety procedures.


Here's some tips that we came up with as a hub
* Come five- seven minutes late to miss the 3 o'clock rush
*Park outside the Basilica- walk across the Zebra crossing to pick up your child. 
* If your child is not waiting on the footpath drive around the block or park in the school/ Parish car park.
*Get your child to take public transport such as the bus. 
* Walk or wheel to school. 
*Remember if you are using the Drop and Drive to drive right to the front so that cars don't cue up behind you.

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