Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Scrambled Eggs Instructional Writing

Today for writing  the year 3's made scrambled eggs  we discussed what we will need and described each step. 
The ingredients we used were: 
-Electric Frying Pan
-Cooking Oil


1. Heat the Pan
2. Crack the Eggs into the bowl.
3.Add the milk and stir the milk with the eggs  
4. Put a little bit of cooking oil into the pan 
5.Pour the eggs into the pan.
6. Gently push the eggs into the pan while they are cooking, it had lots of bumps in it when the eggs go puffy yellow that  means they are ready to eat!! Yum
From Holly

1.Heat the pan.
2.Crack the eggs into a bowl.
3.Put some milk with the eggs and mix it together.
4. Tip the oil into the pan.
5.Pour the eggs into the pan.
6. Push the eggs into the middle while they are cooking.
7.When its cooked it has little bumps and is a gold fluffy thicker colour. When its cooked all you have to do is EAT IT!
From Eva

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