Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Our Hub Grinch

The Grinch's heart is far too small. We can help him grow his heart by showing him what it looks like to be kind and caring to each other. Every time someone says something nice or does something caring for someone in our Hub we will stick a heart onto the Grinch. If we fill up the Grinch we will have a Junior School Picnic at the Gardens.

Here's a story written by Frankie Finn to explain more to you about why we have a giant green Grinch in our Hub.

The Grinch
To get a heart you have to not be mean or selfish. You need to be sharing, helping, playing nicely and saying nice words. So on the last Wednesday the Junior School will get a picnic lunch down at the gardens for our reward. It is not just being kind in school it is also outside of school or in the playground. We need to fill the green Grinch up with red lovehearts. To be just like Jesus for the rest of our lives. In Whoville the Grinch hated Christmas so he stole their presents but they still had each other and sharing.
By Frankie Finn Age 7

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