Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Some of our Spooky Crazy 5's

I see misty air that sends chills up my spine. I see the tall spiky tress looking at me. I feel like I can not move, Green stuff touches me it felt like a zombie. Riley T

I am in a spooky land and i am walking on a creaky old Bridge, as I go on it gets darker and darker...Spookier and spookier. all of a sudden I run back to wear i entered but the bridge has disappeared. I am lost!  Libby

I can't see a thing it's pith black, suddenly a blue light shone around me, I shuddered to a halt. I am on a creaky wooden path, I nearly fall off from fright. It's a long way down, I would probably die from falling. There are tall thick trees all around the place. What's that? There are zombies every where from every directions! "I'm going to kill you, come here and I'll  give you a taste of this. Crash that's the end of me...wait a second. The Zombies have gone and I'm ALIVE, wait this must be the place where dead people go.. to be continued. Daniel

I am in the spooky Forest. I see a terrifying ghost, I scream because the ghosts are coming at me and white tails are on me they are biting me. I run across the bridge but it is made out of Poisson gooey stuff and I accidentally drink it..but I survived. Oh no this must mean I am a ghost. I go down the Path I am shivering with goosebumps, now  am trapped in a castle, it's a cold place full of snow, I say Hi to the weird creature that is half human and half pony all of a sudden it locks me in a cage and said you are staying her forever.... The Spooky end.   Ivy-Belle 

I fell like I am squashed to the ground with tree sap, I hear monster sounds, they sound like death or even worse! I see dark misty smoke from a fire, I see deadly skeletons in the dark... spoooooky. Lachie C 

The spooky Forest has lot's of scary trees, they have scary, creepy skeletons all over the trees. Holly

The forest is freaky, I am shivering and shaking and I am frozen. It is dark I see a cracked skull. I see steam beneath my feet, Bats and owls are around me. I see Goo. Ruby