Monday, 5 October 2015

Final Discovery for Term 3

We had an excellent last day of Discovery. We decided to stay in our own Hub today as we were all dressed in our PJ's. Today we had breakfast at school (since we were still in our pajamas), we made pikelets and fruit kebabs. They were delicious, thanks to all the parents who supplied us with fruit. It was so easy, healthy and tasty! We also started using our 'bee-bots' these are little robots (buzzy bee shaped) that you have to program with directions. We set up a road and pressed the directions we thought we needed for our bee-bots to get from the start to the end of the road. We quickly discovered it wasn't as easy as it seemed and as soon we went off track we had a rule that we had to start again. We had a lot of off roading happening and with trial and error we got them moving the directions we wanted. We discovered that if we wanted them to turn left and you keep pressing left instead of turning left and then continuing on down the road straight, they just went around in circles. We had so much learning using the bee-bots and we had to be resilient. Next time we might work in pairs and write down instructions for our partners to follow. We LOVE Discovery time.


Using problem solving and maths skills with the OSMO

Not as easy as it looks

We made some fruit kebabs for the teachers too.

These children were reading 'bedtime' stories to each other. 

Getting creative with looms too.

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