Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Year 2 and 3 Gospel

Heres a video of Micheal Mangan singing our Song 'True Colours Shine"

MIHI: Jonathan and Ruby
Tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou, katoa
Ko   toku ingoa
Ko   te whanau
Ko       toku papa
Ko      toku mama
Ko Mrs Burke toku mahita
Ko Mrs Jackson toku tumuaki
No Oamaru te kainga inaianei
No reira
Tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa

Chloe: WELCOME: Welcome to School Mass led by year 2. God sent Jesus to show us the way to him. May we always be strong in our belief in him and never give up following him. Please stand and join us in singing our opening song.

LEXI or FRANKIE: READING: A reading from the book of Joshua
 Joshua called the people of Israel and their leaders together and said to them, “You must make a choice. You must choose whether you will serve our God or false gods. But as for me and my family, we will serve our God, who is the only true God.” The people said to Joshua, “we will never turn away from our God. We will never serve false gods. For it is God who bought us away from slavery in Egypt. It is God who gave all those wonderful signs for us and who protected us on our journey. Yes, we also serve the one true God!
The word of the Lord
Lydia: Gospel Song Intro: Today’s Gospel is about being True to yourself and standing up for what we believe in. Please join us in Singing ‘True Colours Shine’
PRAYERS OF THE FAITHFUL- Ash, James, Frankie, Holly
Leader: Inspired by today’s readings, let us call upon our loving God for our needs:

 · For the Church, where the poor and broken-hearted find comfort Let us pray to the Lord.
 Lord hear our prayer
· For a spirit of hope to bring nations and peoples together Let us pray to the Lord.
 Lord hear our prayer
· That people who live outside the law in Aotearoa-New Zealand will experience the love of Jesus and turn their lives around. Let us pray to the Lord.
 Lord hear our prayer
· For our parents, teachers and leaders, that they will have continuing, growing, strong faith. Let us pray to the Lord.
Lord hear our prayer

Offertory: William and Ivy-Belle

Thank you/ Farewell: Charli: Thank you for sharing in our mass today. Remember to stand strong with your beliefs and show your true colours. Please leave quietly. 

Today we wore our Hub Korowai (cloak) for the first time to mass. Watch Bella Process in with our class singing

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