Thursday, 13 August 2015

Our Amazing Crazy fairytales

One day I was playing outside with my puppy I have only had her for half a year. Then my Mum said “we don’t have enough money for food or clothes so you have to sell your puppy. I know you’ve only had her half a year but we just don’t have enough MONEY!” So I went to town and painted a sign that said PUPPY FOR SALE 3000 DOLLARS. Then someone in a dark black cloak appeared and then he said “I will take the puppy for magic beans that can make you rich. I’ve seen your little house and family you have no bed or blankets so you have to sleep on the ground.” I was very motionless for a moment while I was thinking ok I said. He gave me the beans and took the puppy and threw a smoke bomb on the ground! I was apprehensive. When I got home mum shouted “We needed MONEY! Because we are POOR!” She threw them outside and then they fell in wet mud. In the morning I woke up with a surprise and the beans grew into a kowhai tree I ran outside in my pj’s I heard a noise witch went “FEE FIE FOO FUM I SMELL A GIRL YUM YUM YUM!” I      climbed up and I saw an angry TIKI! He was listening to a guitar. He was holding a piece of pounamu. He went to the kitchen to start tea I grabbed them both and ran down the kowhai tree and tried chopping it down and then the tiki growled and started climbing down and said “FEE FIE FOO FUM I SMELL A GIRL WITCH I WILL  THROW IN THE HANGI PIT.” Then mum came running outside and went in the garage and got the chainsaw and cut down the kowhai tree. Then the pounamu turns into gold and never stops giving gold. Then they lived happily ever after.

By Atlanta Williams

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  1. Love the adaptation of this well known fairytale Atlanta.Keep up the great creative writing.