Monday, 1 June 2015

Teach the Teacher

The first group of brave teachers were Ngaire, Paddy, Alexie, Lewis, Lachie, Eden, James and Jayla

Ngaire- "taught the teachers how to have fun" she discussed games we could play in the playground when we are on duty- fairies, skipping, monkey bars and mermaids.

Paddy aka Hub 2s Magician- taught us a magic trick with an optical illusion money box. He put the coins into the box and they completely disappeared!

Alexie- taught us some netball skills using a poster she had made that very morning before school! It even had newspaper photos of her team practising.

Lewis- Used Mrs Burke as an assistant and showed us a science experiment. He wound her fingers into each other. He taught us that heat pushes hands together. Lewis had learnt this trick off our Magician Paddy

Lachie- Taught us about a flip Minecraft block. On the ipad/ipod "If you want to hear more come and see me Friday after school and we'll start a club"

Eden- Eden used Atlanta as a lovely assistant and showed the hub how to do a box fish tail plait. She had learnt how to do this by watching you tube.

James- taught us how to get a very big truck across a bridge with a weight limit.

Miss Day and Mrs Burke can't wait to next Friday to see what else we can all learn off each other. Dance moves, taekwondo, looming with our fingers, soccer skills and so much more!


  1. Can't wait to see the teachers playing fairies and mermaids when they are on duty

    1. I think tomorrow we are being taught head and handstands! So much fun, Children are still doing the science trick Lewis taught us in the playground