Monday, 15 June 2015

Role Model Writing in Hub 2

Jesus is my role model because he leads us to a good and happy future in our lives he also shows us how to live the joyful way. He shows us how to live, laugh and love everyday in every sort of way. He is no ordinary role model he shows us how to live even if you've already passed on you'll live a dream in Heaven! Doing your best even if you make a mistake in life he will always forgive you.
By Rebecka Demonteverde

My cousin Christine is a fantastic role model for me because she is a great artist and is always there for everyone. She is always kind and forever a wonderful angel to see everyday. She knows what to do when a problem is near, she always helps people in need. At school she helps the Filipino community by helping people give to charity and always tries her best to raise money for the poor. She makes everyone that has darkness in their life to beautiful lights to shine bright. By Rebecka Demonteverde

Jesus is my role model because he saved us on the cross so that we could live. Jesus is my hero. Jesus is my role model because he follows God. By Eden Davison

Atlanta is my role model because she takes care of all the people that are hurt. Atlanta is kind to everyone and she is responsible. Bella is also my role model because she is so nice when people mare sad. Miss Day is also my role model because she is so nice when I am sad and I like what she does. I want to be like all of them. By Eden Davison

Jesus is my role model because he follows God's orders and he is always kind to us. Jesus is a good role model everywhere in the world. He helps in the morning, afternoon and night. When we feel down, confused and scared remember that Jesus is with you all the time, he will guide you. When you also feel nervous  when you talk infront of a crowd just always be brave like Jesus is!
By Marianne Alegre

Jesus is a role model because he loves everyone and asks us to love one another. Jesus is a role model because he died for us on the cross. Jesus is a role model because he shows respect.
By Lisiate Hausia

Miss Day, Rebecka and Atlanta are my role models because they are funny, Kind and make people happy. Miss Day is the best teacher, Atlanta helps the little kids in Hub 1. Miss Day loves everyone and she makes us happy. By Ziah Rollan

Elenoa is my role model because...She is kind! She is a good friend and she does not just have one friend she has six friends! She is good at tap dancing. She helps out at competitions.She eats healthy food. She is not bossy at all! She is a good worker. By Charlie Thornley

George Washington is my role model because he helped the poor people find jobs. He was the president of the USA. By Zac Hunter

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  1. Thank you for sharing the children's learning, discovery and inquisitive thinking with us. Neight comes home and shares with us all about his learning from the day, the fun he has had and the confidence he has grown as a competent learner. It is great to see our children as 21st century learners!!!
    Thank you for all your hard work .... you are amazing teachers!!!