Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Holy Spirit Whanau groups

We had a great time today sharing what we had learnt about the Holy Spirit with children right across the school. We can all learn from each other. Pop into Hub 2 to check out our amazing art display!



  1. Great Holy Spirit sharing JH 2. Your art display is inspirational. The Holy Spirit is making his present felt indeed :)

  2. The whanau groups look like a great way of building confidence throughout the school. I remember years ago when I was at St Joseph's always being so afraid of "those big kids" in the senior school that you never interacted with. Is great when we are out and about around town to hear senior and junior students all acknowledging each other due to bonds/confidence gained in these activities.

    1. Thanks Rowan the children learn a lot from these sessions its a great way to end each strand. I'll try and video the next one its really inspirational seeing the year 7s lead it and the Juniors feeling so proud that they are teaching the older ones!