Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Dinosaurs have come alive

In the morning I saw two toy dinosaurs they knocked all the toys over. I ran down the hallway and I fell on my knees, I was in shock. Then I told mum and dad and dad was screaming so loud that he fell out of bed, he got a rash from that. Then the dinosaurs snuck downstairs and they opened the fridge and everything spilled. By Eva K

One morning I wake up, suddenly dinosaurs appeared in the darkness. I hear the big thumps. I wake up and I growled at the dinosaurs. By Ashlyn

The next morning I walked down the stairs like any normal day. It is a mess! My toy dinosaurs are everywhere, one is on the expensive computer. I get breakfast I open the fridge to get my milk but the lid is already off. The dinosaurs are covered in milk. I get the milk a dinosaur is in my cereal! It is like a nightmare, one is in the garden too. By Frankie

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