Saturday, 2 May 2015

Autumn adventures creates awesome authors!

We wrote some beautiful descriptive writing following our Autumn adventure collecting leaves. We even incorporated some measurement!

When I look at my leaf I see orange in the middle and on the edge it is green. My leaf is 14cm long. By Lochie (year 3)

My leaf is as small as a dinsoaur's claw and as big as an ant. The side of my leaf is as spikey as a Stegosaurus's back. It feels like a baby's bottom because it is very soft. The veins are as long as a tables legs. My leaf is pink and yellow like candy. It looks as if I could eat it. It is small but not smaller than eyeballs. It smells like the Autumn breeze. By Rebecka (year 3)

My leaf is muffled as a soft pillow. My red rich leaf is the same size as my palm. My red dark leaf is as red as a poppy. My leaf smells like a red delicious apple- munch, munch, crunch! The sides of my leaf are as spikey as a sharp knife. By Marianne (year 3)

My leaf is smaller than my palm and as spikey as a hedgehog. On the front it is red like fire and on the back it is golden like my hair. My leaf is as soft as a cottonbud. By Ngaire (year 2)

My leaf is green and red and on the back it is yellow and green. The leaf feels soft like a cat. My leaf looks dirty as mud. The shape of  my leaf is oval. By Aryan (year 3)

I feel a crunchy leaf, my leaf is 18 cm long. It is yellow and red and green. It has lines through it. By William (year 2)

My leaf smells like a wonderful flower. It looks like a bright red poppy. It's 15 cm it looks like waves. By Neight (year 3)

I see colourful leaves its a kowhai sun. By Zac (year 2)

My leaf feels like soft pretty flowers and they look like a tree with no leaves. They are crunchy and broken and beautiful. By Chloe (year 2)

My leaf is smaller than my palm. My leaf is not crunchy. By Charlotte (year 2)

I see beautiful leaves on the stones. It is like a hedgehog because it is spikey and brown. By Jonathan (year 2)

The leaf is soft. It has a soft edge at the side, the top is sharp. The colour is brown and golden. The leaves fall from the trees. Leaves change colour in the Autumn. By Stephanie-Mae (year 2)

My leaf is orange and yellow. It feels crunchy munchy on the ground. By Holly (year 2)



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