Monday, 13 April 2015



We have started Discovery in the Junior Hubs on a Friday Morning from 9.15am- 10.30am.
 Discovery Time is a 75 minute, activity based programme. We prepared a range of hands on activities co- operatively identifying a specific part of the key competencies to focus on. Discovery time begins with an introduction of the day's focus. There is a discussion about what it would look like, sound like and feel like. The the various activities for the day are explained. The children select and participate in activities. During the session the teacher takes the role of the facilitator: observing, providing feedback, asking questions and encouraging students. At the end of each session the children come together to share and reflect on what they have done and what they have learned. We are very lucky to have had some parents come and support the children's learning. Mrs Cooney showed the children how to make crosses out of flax and Mrs Jorgensen used the apples from our school garden to bake apple pies for our parish freezer. We LOVE Friday mornings!

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