Sunday, 26 April 2015


I will see and hear fast bullets whizzing past me. I will feel cold water that could kill me splashing on my boots. I will smell very smelly dirt. By Ruby McNaught age 6.
In the war it was very smelly. It tastes like dirt. I see rotten old places. I feel dirty. I hear bullets shooting past. By Ngaire McDougall age 6
I smell smoke from the guns. If I was in the army I would use a cannon to fight. By Jonathan Paton age 6

Its World War One, I am in a trench freezing cold. My feet are mouldy. By Alexie Phillips age 6.
I feel so freezing cold that I can’t move any part of my body. I see bullets flying through the air. I hear people falling to the ground. I smell rotten feet. I see shaking people. By Neight Fraser age 7

My dad was in the army. He was soaking wet. His friend died. By Zac Hunter age 6
I hear the bullets from the guns shooting through the air. I see the smelly smoke rising up in the sky. By Lexi Guiterez age 7

It smells really smokey. It looks really sad. It feels like you are alone by yourself. You are in danger. It tastes like mud. By Ivy-Belle age 6

I see a dark deep trench. I am so sacred I am so hungry. Someone sends something to me that takes six weeks. I taste ANZAC biscuits. I know I can’t go home. I can taste yucky dirt. By Frankie Finn age 6
I see people in the army. I feel rain pouring on me. I hear people fighting. Holly Cartlidge age 6.
I smell fire coming out of the bazooka. I see bullets coming out of the guns. I feel bullets shooting on me. I hear bombs exploding. I taste dirt. By Kenton Tokai age 6
Its World War One I am in a trench and my feet are muddy and mouldy. I am so hungry. I am so sick that I am about to die. By Lydia Moffat age 6
I taste yucky muddy rain water. By James Brenner age 6
I see blood and I hear some guns. I hear some shooting and some smoke and some clouds of grey and white. By Stephanie-Mae Morondoz age 6

The trench is unbelievably smelly in the war. I look at my passed away friends as I go up and down the trench. The guns go “boom, boom, boom!” The war takes place on a big wet brownish type of field. I see the dead pointy brown trees that are standing on the brown field. I struggle to get past the war but I try my best to stay alive. I will see you again, or maybe not. Rebecka Demonteverde age 7
I can hear bullets firing like thunder in a rainstorm. I feel soggy and saturated in the trench. I see an unpleasant place because people re getting injured and killed. I taste mucky disgusting and not yum mud. The wars are not funny they are serious.   By Atlanta
In the war I would smell smoke and it would be a nightmare. I could hear bullets going boom and shooting past me. I would feel the muddy sludgy water splashing around me and on my frozen toes. I would see guns firing at me like it is going to hit me so hard.   By Eden

I can see big rocks and muddy walls all around me. I feel frightened. I smell like old dirty socks. I feel scared and helpless.    By Sunny

In the war I would hide in the trench without food for days. It is so wet that people are getting sick. I feel sad for them. I hear guns shooting so loudly they are going boom boom. I feel so heartbroken because they are so kind and thoughtful protecting their country.
 By Eva H

If I was in the war I would feel sad. I would hear lots of gunshots and only be able to hide in a hole.  By Loc
The Army people that are in the trenches will get hyperthermia from the freezing cold water and they will get mouldy feet that water might get so high that the soldiers might sink slowly down. By Eva Keno age 6
I taste dirty smelly water. I hear bombs and bullets from the guns. I feel mud. By William Pardede age 6

I feel yucky mud on me. I taste dirt in my mouth and I can hear bullet shooting past me. I see dark, old blood and dead men next to me. I am really scared and sad.  By Lewis

I hear bullets shooting at the speed of light. I feel freezing cold water shooting up my legs making me sick. I smell mouldy dirt that I think could kill me. I see other soldiers who are either injured or dead. I can slightly see the other teams as I peer over the trench. I have been complaining for sleep a lot but it is not possible for me to sleep in this horrible place.  By Daniel  

I am in the war I am inside the trench its freezing cold. My feet are stinky and we. The war has begun bullets start whizzing through the air. I see my friends on the ground as I fight for my country. All I have to eat is Anzac biscuits. I hear people fall down on their knees. I taste the Anzac biscuits and disgusting mud. I see my friend on the ground. I try not to cry.
  By Kia 

I see my beloved friends as they pass away in front of me. I crawl along the trench trying to survive.  By Sam McNaught

In the war I could smell smoke whooshing out of the guns. I can smell slippery slimy gooey mud between my feet. I can see people aiming at the enemies. I feel blood running down my fingers and I feel bullets so close they are almost touching me. I am sad that my friends have died but I must not give up.  I taste Anzac biscuits the only thing that is reminding me of home.  By Bella Moriarty

I can hear bullets firing like a rain storm. I taste dirty yucky disgusting mud. I can see bullets coming at me from the other side. I can see my friends dying for their country.  By Hannah Fowler

I see dreadful things around me because of the bullets and broken trees. I feel cold tired and sick. I smell smoke burning from the guns. I hear guns shooting everywhere.  I taste dirt and blood. I miss home.  By Libby Seddon
I am in the war, I taste dirt. By Willow  Bartlett age 6
I feel lots of disgusting dirt in my mouth and it flows from my fingers too. By Isabella Kininmont age 6
I am in the war hiding under the smelly rotten trench. I can feel the bullets from the enemy’s guns. I really want to go home but I know that I can’t because it would upset the country. I might be struggling through the war but I need to try to succeed.   By Marianne Alegre
I feel gooey mud in my socks. I hear guns shooting. I taste yucky blood in my mouth. I am sad.  By Paddy Spillane

If I was in the war I would hide in the trench without food for days. All I have to eat is Anzac biscuits. People die in the war and it is so sad, but you have to fight for your country and stay in the trench.  By Ziah Rollan
I can hear people crying out in pain. I can see all my friends pass away in front of me. I will have to see you in heaven.  By Sami  Asi
I will fight against the naughty the army people. Firing guns at the naughty people. By Ashlyn Marshall age 6

I feel the smelly gooey mud in the trench.   I can taste the yucky mud in my mouth it tastes horrible. I see the army holding their guns and shooting I smell the gunpowder.  By Aryan Singh
 I am in the smelly ditch it is so smelly that I even have to block my nose and keep down to stay safe. By Aaliyah Meikle age 7
I smell yucky disgusting mud. I see bullets speeding past me. I feel scared. People shooting. I taste mud, I hate it! By Lachie Criddle age 6

I taste the yucky dirt in my mouth and it feels like I am alone. I hear guns shooting really loud and I see my friend dead on the ground. I feel really sad. By Chloe Bartley age 6

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