Tuesday, 14 April 2015


Anzac Daily Five activities:
Word Work


What does it stand for?

Try and find some Anzac words in this wordsearch.

Listen to Reading
Listen to the story Anzac Ted

Listen to Online Anzac story

Listen to the story Dawn Parade

Listen to ‘In Flanders Fields’
Write a poem about ANZAC day and email it to your teachers


Working on writing
Listen to the audio of “the last post” Click hereWrite down how it makes you feel

Watch the video on how to make ANZAC biscuits Click here
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txYXk-ANm0Y Record how to make it.Write some questions to ask your family what they know about ANZAC day
Read to self

Read Poppy poem and illustrate underneath - Click here

File:A poppy flower in June,


  1. Some engaging Anzac activities Miss Day and Mrs Burke. I listened to the audio of the Last Post and it was very moving. It made me sad and proud at the same time for the loss of lives but also for their bravery as they represented New Zealand and Australia with pride. Keep reaching for the stars :)

    1. Thanks Mrs Jackson, we really enjoyed learning about it. You will have to see some of the posters we made about our ancestors and the beautiful writing from in the trenches we created.