Monday, 2 March 2015


Thank you to all of you who came to the goal setting meetings it was excellent to touch base and form goals that together we can all work towards. In learning hub 2 we are really working on the key competencies of Managing Self and Participating and Contributing. We have all the children in mixed learning groups. They all have roles within these groups and ALL must contribute an idea and then share it with the class when called upon.  This is working really well and here are some pictures, videos and activities of our learning groups in action with ‘Play is the Way.’

Knotted Arms - Work and communicate as a team to untie the groups knot!

Our Whole Hubs Acrostic Poem 

I have friends                                     Wonderful                             Thankful                   Talking
Nice people                                        Everybody included               Responsible             Honest
                                                                                                           Excellent                 Equally
Open arms                                         We treat friends kindly           Amazing                  M                      Using helpful hands                           Only say nice words               Terrific
Respectful to each other                    Use our manners                      Enthusiastic
                                                           Love                                        Delightful
Learning together                              Deeds                                    
Excellent manners                                                                              Happy
Always be responsible                      Lovely                                      Outstanding
Respecting property                          Include                                     Wonderful
Nice to everyone                               Kind
Independent                                      Energetic                                   Welcome
No hurting                                                                                            Everybody included
Going to help others                         Thoughtful
                                                          Only be nice                               Truthful
                                                                                                              Reaching for the Stars
Helpful                                              Be nice                                        Eye contact
Useful                                                Every word is nice                     Always nice
Beautiful people                                                                                   Treat others nice

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  1. that looks hard it must take a lot of teamwork.mollymay