Tuesday, 31 March 2015


For writing this week our Hub have been learning how to write a Crazy 5!

A Crazy 5 is a short piece of descriptive writing.  
Each session, we are given a new picture to write about. 
We have to describe in a lot of detail, what we see.  
We discuss the picture as a class to give each other a few ideas and then we start writing.  
We are only given 5 minutes.
After the 5 minutes are up, we all get to share our stories with a small group or Hub!
Then we go back to our Crazy 5 for another 5mins to make it even better!!

Crazy 5 Rules:
Crazy 5 writing is not spelling focused.
It should never be finished.  
We need to leave our readers wanting MORE!  
Our opening sentence has to grab our readers attention. 
We are not allowed to start our sentences with 'and', 'then' or 'so'.

Here are some of our first attempts...

I see chilly snow soft like polar Bears fur and like icing from a birthday cake. I see an icy icicle as cold as the temperature in your freezer. I hear the freezing ice crunch under my boots.   
 By Lochie McLaren 

I see fluffy, puffy, cold and white snow that is softer than cotton candy and colder then ice on an early winters morning. I can hear the freezing cold sound of the breeze as the ice makes a cracking sound like the wood on a warm fire. I think about the warm cozy fire at home as I lay here on this freezing cold deadly but beautiful snow. 
By Rebecka Demonteverde 

I see the chocolate that looks like a bunch of brown horses. the wrapping looks like glitter. It tastes like ice-cream that has been melted. It feels like soft cream.  
By Ivy-Belle

It tastes smiley and gooey when I take it apart. I see caramel sticky stuff inside. It tastes delicious when I take a big bite.
By Frankie Finn


  1. WOW!fantastic crazy crazy 5 you make me crazy hehe
    from Rebecka

  2. Wow what a great idea. Love the detail in your writing!!

    1. Everyone did a good job well done,
      From Rebecka