Thursday, 12 February 2015

Stepping Out

Yesterday Constable Carrie visited our Year 3 class to teach us about road safety. She taught us how to cross the road by using STOP, LOOK, LISTEN, DECIDE. We looked at pictures of potential hazards around the road when walking out on the streets. Then we went out to Reed Street and had a go at crossing the road safely. Here are two pictures and a video to demonstrate how to cross properly.

Today Constable Carrie visited our hub!We discussed how  to look for hazards in a busy car park. Constable Carrie took us out into the St Josephs car park and checked out what danger there was and how we stay safe!
We learnt about the different lights to look for on a car with a driver in it...

                  white/yellow lights = Car is reversing
                   Red Lights = Breaking
                   Flashing Orange lights= Car is turning left or right

The year 2's got into the Police car and practiced 'making it click' with their booster seats and putting their seat belts on. We also made sure we entered and exited the car on the opposite side to the driver (footpath side) to ensure we stayed safe at all times


  1. Great to see that you are learning how to cross the road safely Junior hub 2 learners. I was very impressed with Johnny and Mariah in the video and liked the way they continued to look and listen as they crossed the road safely.

  2. Great work Mariah and Johnny very impressed with your road safety!!!

    1. Great role models for others- congratulations. Fantastic to see you commenting on our blog for 2015.

  3. I loved learning to cross the road safely from Mariah.

    1. Can you teach the year 2s the important steps you learnt Mariah?

  4. Great job everyone very good job i liked swimming
    From rebecka