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January  2015

Dear Parents and Caregivers;

Welcome to Learning Hub 2 (Year 2 and 3) and the 2015 school year! It is set to be a fantastic, amazing year! Looking forward to hearing about all your holiday adventures.

First and foremost, We would like to extend a warm welcome to all parents and families, and invite you to come and say ‘hi’, have a look around our rooms, and have a chat at any time- the doors are always open and we strive for strong and positive relationships between home and school. Please fill in your email address below- and  feel free to contact us via email; and

OUR HUB ENVIRONMENT- Our classrooms are our home from 9am until 3pm Monday to Friday, therefore it is important that our home is a safe, exciting and engaging place to be! You will notice when you pop in that there are not desks and chairs for each child and we have created different spaces within the two rooms. Promoting independence and motivation, children are able to choose what kind of space they would like to work in- suited to their individual needs and preferences. These spaces include; dinosaur caves, table groups, a ‘writers desk’, beanbags, standing desk station, and the prayer corners. Choices about where to work are linked to our children’s own self-management levels

IN OUR  ROOMS…                                            
you will be given
challenges     to   LEARN
and extend yourself,
and an engaging environment.
But most importantly,
you will be LOVED

and valued.

 PE for Learning Hub 2 is on Thursday (both year 2 and 3)
Library for Year 2 is   Friday afternoon  and Year 3 Thursday
(They Library is still a work in progress and will open shortly)
Swimming Dates- YEAR 3 ONLY
FEB: Tuesday 10th, Wednesday 11th, Thursday 12th (week 2)
Monday 16th, Wednesday 18th (week 3)
Wednesday 25th (week 4)
MARCH: Monday 2nd , Tuesday 3rd, Thursday 5th, Friday 6th (week 5)

PARENT HELP REQUIRED FOR YEAR 3 SWIMMING- we would be very grateful if a parent/ a few parents could spare some time over the next few weeks (starting week 2) to help Miss Day walk her class to swimming and ensuring all children have their belongings and walk back after swimming .Please fill in the slip below (along with your email address) and return to school tomorrow. Thank you so much.

Here’s to a fantastic 2015! Miss Megan Day and Mrs Siobhan Burke.

My name:________________________________________________________________________
My email address__________________________________________________________________

(circle)    YES   I can help with walking the children to and from swimming.
My phone number:__________________________________________________________________________

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  1. Your learning hub spaces are stimulating and engaging Miss Burke and Miss Day. It was great to see them come alive with all of the excited wee learners during week 1.