Thursday, 23 October 2014

Excellent first Funky Junky Day for the Term

We overcame the long walk and strong winds and had an excellent day of learning and fun! Thanks to Trish and her Team and the Waitaki Recycling Centre and all the amazing parent helpers.
Here's a snap shot of what we saw. I hope we can all spread the word on what should and shouldn't be recycled now- and remember the more you separate the easier it will be!

At the recycling centre I saw cloth going into the bailers, mulch, oil in oil cans, and washing machines that were taken apart.
I learnt that mulch gets hotter and hotter.
At the Community Gardens I learnt that mulch from the recycling centre goes to the Community Gardens.   Daniel  Jorgensen

On Friday we went to the recycling centre and then we went to the gardens and had lunch .At the recycling centre we saw a big machine. It was making loud noises. Smash! Smash! Smash!            Lewis Gough

On Friday we went to the recycling centre. When we went there it was a bit smelly. I saw lots of glass. When we left we went to the gardens and ate our subway. What I learnt is that rubbish can be useful.     Lisiate Hausia

At the recycling centre we learnt that the branches and twigs go and become mulch. They are put in big piles and then if you put a plastic bag over them it turns into steam  and when you put your hand in it you can feel its hot. After that we went to the Community Gardens. We went for a hunt for the vegetables and fruit. We had our lunch there and then we played. I saw a pizza stove.  Kia Alcasabas

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