Monday, 1 September 2014

Spring has ARRIVED!

Spring is a lovely time of year because you can see animals born and you can go and have an ice cream to cool you down so you don't sweat. By Riley

In the spring animals finish hibernation. In the spring daffodils come out! In the spring I can have ice cream. Spring is wonderful. By Mariah

Gardens grow, animals go out to get food. Blossoms bloom. A mixture of rainy and hot weather. Animals finish hibernation. Spring is after the winter season. Animals are born. By Paddy

Warm sun with blooming flowers among the long tall green grass. Hibernation finished hot again. Blossom on the trees above. Sky light blue up very high. Animals get born in spring and get food from their mother. Cold winter gone the world turned around- it's now warm in New Zealand. By Daniel

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